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Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was born on the 15th of January, 1929, and was an American Baptist minister who went on to become an activist and was the most visible spokesperson for the civil rights movement from 1954 until his death in 1968. King was particularly known for his nonviolent approach to civil disobedience, formed by both his Christian beliefs as well as being inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.

King was infamous in America during the later stages of his life, even receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, for combating racial inequality using nonviolent means of resistance.

King visited Memphis, Tennessee in March, 1968, to support the black sanitary public works employees who were on strike at that time in pursuit of higher wages and better treatment. In one particular incident, the black employees were only paid for two hours of work when they had to return home due to bad weather, whereas white employees were paid a full day’s pay.

On the 4th of April, 1968, King was leaving his hotel room at the Lorraine motel in Memphis, Abernathy, when he was fatally wounded by James Earl Ray, who shot King in his right cheek, with the bullet travelling through his jaw and becoming lodged in his shoulder. King was rushed to hospital but ultimately succumbed to his wounds, ending the life that many have called the greatest leader in any civil rights movement in history.

King leaves behind a long legacy, and is still regarded today to be one of the best leaders that has ever been able to inspire people to achieve their ends through nonviolent means. Although he was on occasion considered to be controversial, his legacy lives on as a man that ultimately worked towards achieving racial equality in America and across the world.


Not many bars have their own TV series, but the most well-known is the American sitcom Cheers, with the first episode airing on the 30th of September, 1982, and ran its final episode on the 20th of May, 1993. In total there were 275 30 minute episodes of the show, spread across eleven seasons. The show was produced by Charles Products in association with Paramount Network Television, and takes place in a bar named Cheers in Boston, Massachusetts, where a small group of locals meet to drink, relax, and socialise.

Although the show was nearly cancelled early on due to being ranked almost last in the ratings for its premiere, it went on to become a highly rated show in America, managing to earn a top-ten rating during eight out of its eleven season, including managing one season at the number one spot.

The show has even managed to create its own spin-off show, which featured the character Frasier Crane as the main character in his own show, Fraiser.

The show has a number of main characters, with perhaps the overall main character of the show being the bar’s owner, Sam Malone, who also works as a bartender. Sam Malone is a well-known womaniser, helped by his former career as a professional baseball player, when he played for the Boston Red Sox, until alcoholism destroyed his career. Sam has a number of flings with one-off characters in the show, yet fails to maintain a serious relationship with anyone in the show.

Diane Chambers is an academic, who is studying at Boston University, and works at the bar as a cocktail waitress. She was eventually written out of the show, with her character deciding to leave Boston behind to pursue a writing career in Los Angeles, California.

Carla Tortelli, considered by many to be the comedic relief of the show, is a cynical and mocking cocktail waitress who frequently treats customers badly. Carla is inept with relationships, with her frequently disastrous relationships being a common comical story of the show.

Norm Peterson is a regular attendee of the bar, and an occasionally-employed accountant. Although the character was not intended to be a regular for the show, audiences liked the character so much that he was made a permanent character.

Affordable Ways to Improve Your Hotel Rooms

Guests in a hotel enjoy the luxury and comfort offered in the rooms. When checking a hotel online, most customers look at the room and make their booking decision based on how it looks. This is regardless of the cost of the room because for them, small details matter. You can attract travellers just by making minor and inexpensive tweaks in your hotel rooms.

This article provides affordable improvements you can make in your hotel to make the rooms attractive and attract more customers.

Change Patterned Linens

Most travellers look at the nature of the hotel rooms in terms of bed linen and images in the room. It is important to make the hotel room look impressive by using attractive colours. Replace the old curtains and duvets with new ones. Most importantly, use white duvets. Quality is what drives the customers. Therefore, ensure high-quality linens are placed within the hotel room. White will assist in brightening the decor and giving your room a new look. Old wall decorations should be renewed with neutral colours to give the room a magnificent look. Make sure the rooms also are spacious with comfortable beds.

Invest in Modern and Comfy Chairs

Guests always relax in the hotels they are staying in. This means hotels should ensure the comfort of the customers. Guests will be attracted to hotels with chairs which are comfortable and modern. You can change the existing chairs or get new covers. For instance, ikea couch covers are an excellent example of materials you can use. This means when selecting chairs for the hotel, consider overall comfort and a colour mix which matches the carpet in the rooms.

Use Neutral Colours on Walls

The physical appearance attracts customers. You should consider a facelift of the hotel rooms. This can be achieved by choosing the best colours to paint the hotel room walls. You can give your rooms pale pastel colours and other neutral paint schemes which will provide guests with value and a modern interior that will keep them relaxed after their activities. Generally, travellers love contemporary hotel interiors where they feel warm and comfortable.

Update Your Wall Hangings

Photos and pictures can give undesired information about the hotel. Be selective on the images displayed in various places within the hotel, including the rooms. Old pictures which can be used to tell the story of your hotel and its surroundings should be done away with and replaced with either current hotel staff photos or images giving the ongoing saga of the hotel. You can also get local landmarks drawn on various walls in the hotel.

Rearrange the Hotel Room Layout

A new look will always make customers’ expectations high. Try different layouts to catch the attention of customers online. Changing the room layout will always make your hotel room inviting and unique, which is what most travellers are looking for. Always rearrange your hotel with an up to date room layout and concepts.

The Brando Resort

The Brando is a private resort situated on the atoll of Teti’aroa in French Polynesia. The Brando serves as a research facility, eco-resort, as well as a regulated airstrip. The resort currently has over 80 staff and facilities management personnel.

The name comes from the actor Marlon Brando, who took out a 99-year lease on the atoll.

The only way to get to The Brando is via air travel, with airline Air Teti’aroa flying privately between the island of Tahiti and Teti’aroa.

Construction of The Brando Resort began in 2009 by Teti’aroa Pacific Beachcomber SC, with the first phase of building including repairing the runway for smoother plane landings and extending it to meet current aviation requirements. Additionally, a reef dock was added, enabling shipments via the ocean to the lagoon side of the reef. The hotel was finally completed in February 2014, opening for guests in July 2014. Eight of Marlon Brando’s children were involved with the construction project, alongside the Brando Estate.

The buildings of the resort are made using materials that are either local or certified to be renewable or recycled, as well as using an efficient energy generator to ensure lack of waste.

Keith Moon – Holiday Inn, Flint, Michigan

Famous drummer of The Who, Keith Moon, was well known for his destructive habits when visiting hotels, in one particularly famous incident at the Holiday Inn in Flint, Michigan, he allegedly drove a Lincoln Continental into the hotel pool. Although there is little hard evidence to prove that this incident ever truly happened, the incident has gone down in history as one of Moon’s most notorious destructive acts.

At the same Holiday Inn, Moon was also allegedly responsible for starting a cake fight, as well as blowing up the toilet in his room with unknown explosives. Moon was already well-known for the destruction he would cause to hotel rooms, and the band was famously banned from a number of hotel chains permanently.

The particular indecent at the Holiday Inn in Flint, Michigan, ultimately led to the band being banned from all Holiday Inn’s across America, and the infamy of the incident making life difficult for the band to be able to book any hotel rooms in the future. It was reported that tour managers had to book rooms using pseudonyms in the future in order to avoid rejection.

Death of Anna Nicole Smith

On the 8th of February, 2007, Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in her hotel room, Room 607 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Smith’s friend, Tasma Brighthaupt, who was also a trained nurse, attempted to perform CPR on Smith for approximately 15 minutes until her husband, Maurice Brighthaupt, took over. She was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital where she was declared dead on arrival at 2:49 p.m.

Smith’s dead was made famous due to her living her life in the public gaze for years beforehand. There were a number of leaks surrounding her death, including 911 phone calls as well as autopsy reports. A seven-week investigation into her death was performed by Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper, in conjunction with Seminole police. Perper stated on his report that Smith died of “combined drug intoxication”, where she had combined the sleeping medication chloral hydrate as the main drug. It was reported that a total of 11 drugs were found in her system, with a number of them known to negatively compete with each other, and it was ultimately that which led to her death.

The Queen Victoria

Not all famous bars and pubs around the world are places that feature real drinkers. Possibly the most well-known bar in the United Kingdom, the Queen Victoria, is in-fact a fictional pub from the TV series, EastEnders. The pub is often called The Queen Vic, or simply The Vic, and made its first appearance on television on the 19th of February in 1985. The fictional pub sits on 46 Albert Square, Walford, in London, and has had numerous owners and employees over the years.

The fictional backstory for the pub states that Albert Square was originally built around 1860, during the reign of Queen Victoria. Originally the pub was going to be named The Balmoral, but after the death of Prince Albert it was decided that the pub would be called The Queen Victoria as a tribute to the Queen in mourning.

The pub is a central part of many plotlines that take place in EastEnders, and is likely the most haunted pub in the United Kingdom, according to Inside Soap, given the number of people that had died in the pub. To-date, five characters have died on the pub premises, Den, Archie Mitchell, Bradley Branning, Tiffany Mitchell, and Tom Clements.

The pub has also been damaged by fire twice during the show’s history, once in 1992 when character Grand Mitchell sets fire to the pub, and once again during a 2010 storyline. The 2010 storyline was an important part of the pub’s redesign, as parts of the interior had to be re-done for high-definition broadcasting and the fire allowed for the redesign to happen without affecting the show’s continuity.

The pub is featured in nearly every episode of EastEnders, and almost every character has had scenes take place in the pub at least once. There are many ‘regulars’ to the pub, with some of the more criminally minded characters making frequent use of the pub for their dealings. Aside from the fires that have consumed the pub over the years, the plotlines that directly involve the pub have often revolved around the changing owners of the pub. To-date there have been over a dozen owners, something that is quite rare for an actual pub. The current owner of the pub is Lee Carter, who has owned the pub after being able to purchase the pub back from the character Fi Browning, due to financial irregularities of the, at the time, failing pub.

Stonewall Inn

One of the most famous gay bars in the world, the Stonewall Inn, often just called Stonewall, dates back to 1843. The original construction at the site of the bar took place between 1843 and 1846, although at that time the site was constructed as stables. It wasn’t until the prohibition years in the U.S. that alcohol was first served on the premises, with the property functioning as a “tea room”. It was at that time that Stonewall was given its name, being named after the owner, Bonnie.

Stonewall was converted into a restaurant called Bonnie’s Stonewall Inn during the 1930s, later being renamed as the Stonewall Inn Restaurant. It remained a restaurant until the interior was destroyed by a fire that occurred in the 1960s.

Three members of the Mafia decided to invest in the bar in 1966, and decided to turn it into a gay bar. This turned out to be a good move for the bar, as members of the mafia had police connections and were able to mitigate the effects of police raids on gay bars, which were commonplace at that time. The mafia would use tricks such as keeping large reserves of alcohol nearby in case the police seized any alcohol during a raid.

Stonewall was also the site of a famous incident, later dubbed the Stonewall riots. The riots were a series of violent demonstrations against the police by members of the gay community in New York City. The gay community were demonstrating against the frequent police raids that took place in gay bars, but it wasn’t until a raid that happened in the early hours on the 28th of June, 1969, that the riot began. The police had raided Stonewall at approximately 1:20 am, but were left outnumbered as reinforcements failed to arrive on time. After the arrest of one of the patrons, who may or not have been Storme DeLarverie, managed to incite the crowd to fight back against the police.

It is still debated whether or not the incident at Stonewall has been a positive or negative for the LGBT community, but it wasn’t until that night that the first gay pride rally took place, a rally that has taken place each year since.

After the riots, Stonewall closed down and the site was split up between a number of new businesses that took over occupation, such as a bagel sandwich shop and a Chinese restaurant. It wasn’t until the mid-1990s that a bar stood on the site once more, which was unfortunately closed down due to neglect and gross mis-management. The site went on to find new owners, and a now-successful gay bar and nightclub inhabits the spot, with no signs to close down any time soon.

The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles

The Beverly Hills Hotel, also sometimes called The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows, is situated on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California. The hotel is one of the world’s most well-known hotels, and is closely associated with Hollywood film stars, rock stars, and various celebrities. The hotel boasts 210 guest rooms and suites, as well as 23 bungalows, each of which were designed in the signature pink and green colours, a trademark of the hotel.

The hotel was established in May 1912, before the city even existed. Originally owned by Margaret J. Anderson and her son, Stanley S. Anderson, who had been managing the Hollywood Hotel. The original architect was Elmer Grey, who designed the hotel in the Mediterranean Revival style. The hotel has changed hands numerous times throughout its existence and is currently owned by the Brunei Investment Agency.

The hotel has been visited by a number of high-profile guests over the years, including Frank Sinatra, who preferred Bungalow 22, and Donald Trump. John Lennon and Yoko Ono were known for frequently staying in the number 10 bungalow that they said suited their personal, simple styles.

Pubs and Hotels

A pub, also termed as a public house or short for a public bar, is a licensed establishment which is legalised to sell alcohol, good food and provides a social atmosphere for a gathering of friends, business colleagues and other acquaintances. Historically, pubs and hotels date back to the arrival of the Roman Empire, when travellers and merchants stopped by at these alehouses and inns to usually obtain accommodation, food and drink. Here is an interesting fact; originally, British pub signboards were made to look vibrant and distinct to draw in illiterate drinkers. Almost 4000 bar-goers in Australia once rioted because a pub was closed. A bar in Northern Canada serves whisky with a frostbitten toe inside the glass. Some Irish bars provide “snugs” for their customers, which is a small room where they could drink in private, adding more meaning to the term “as snug as a bug”.

Hotels were initially introduced as establishments which provided lodgings for travellers either for business or pleasure. The oldest hotel in the world was set up in Japan and dates back as early as AD 717, run by forty-six generations of owners. Hotels have now become more popularly known for short-term accommodation, amenities and on-site restaurants, offering both economical and luxurious services.

Pet-Friendly Pubs and Swanky Hotels

There are often pet-friendly pubs and hotels you can visit. Or why not visit some of the swankiest hotels in Switzerland. Once you decide to go on a vacation to visit one of these pubs or hotels, make sure to have a comfortable shoe so you do not get blisters.

Finding the perfect hotel for your vacation can be quite a challenging task, but thanks to the invention of the internet, that well-deserved holiday is just a click away. Several websites help you compare hotel rates, offer discounts and exclusive deals, including tour packages for tourists, as well as suggestions on a variety of restaurants and pubs. Most of these hotels are commonly classified by their quality and service provided. Most of the leading luxury hotels believe in rendering top-notch hospitality services, paying attention to every minor detail from the carpet and curtains to providing personal hotel staff for each of their VIP guests. On an international scale, most countries have luxury hotels, budget hotels, motels, bed & breakfast inns, extended-stay lodges, boutique hotels, micro stay, capsule hotels, and much more. Many ‘speciality hotels’ include unique designs and features such as beach resorts, Bunker hotels, cave hotels, transit or airport hotels, underwater hotels, treehouse hotels, overwater bungalows, and so on. If you are perhaps wondering where to find the world’s largest hotel in terms of capacity, it is unsurprisingly located in Las Vegas.