Month: September 2021

Opening a Themed Bar or Hotel

Hotels and pubs that have particular themes can attract more customers than a conventional bar. For example, sports-orientated pubs and hotel bars will attract those who wish to watch live games and events on TVs or screens. In addition, some establishments have movie-style bars with regular screen showings. The Hard Rock Cafe is an example of a particular theme that has stood the test of time.

Transforming Your Bar

Once you have chosen your theme, you will need to start transforming the place accordingly. It is advisable to purchase a van that can be fitted with van racking to help you transport the heavy and varied props that will turn your bar or hotel into the venue of your dreams. Besides, once your new venture is up and running, you will need to make frequent trips to the brewery and local cash and carry warehouses to ensure your place is fully stocked at all times. When fitting storage and shelves, you should visit the Work System website. Here you will find practical storage solutions to all your van transportation needs.

Why Consider Work System?

This company offers standard and customised storage systems designed to fit any van. They can supply basic shelves and frames, simple drawer storage or more advanced interior carrying facilities to ensure your valuable cargo of alcohol and food arrives at its destination in good condition. They offer:

  • Van racking driver’s side
  • Van racking passenger side
  • Large drawer units
  • Underfloor drawers
  • Accessories such as dividers and smart boxes, among other items

You could even customise your van to match the theme of your pub or hotel with appropriate graphics. Don’t forget to add the name, website and telephone number of your establishment. This will ensure you gain free publicity when parked up or are travelling to breweries etc. You could park it in a prominent place in the locality to generate some extra custom and raise awareness of your hostelry.


Once you have chosen the style of bar you wish to run, make sure you promote it, and there is sufficient interest in the locality to make it a success. Having a van fitted with Work System storage facilities, you can be confident that whatever you wish to transport, you will easily be able to secure it for the journey and have access to it at all times. Their systems will also store any load to protect the passengers and driver from injury. There are many themed bars and hotels, but the secret of success is carving out your own niche in an ever-crowded market. However, if you get it right then, a successful business will soon follow. Who knows, you could quickly have your own chain of themed bars throughout the country!