Month: November 2021

Choosing Rugs For Hotels

When a guest enters a hotel their first impressions will often depend on how well decorated the interior space is. Many of these establishments will place an emphasis on the wall art because it is directly in the eye line of customers. However, it is never a good idea to neglect the flooring.

If the ground of an accommodation business seems too bare it can directly influence the amount of people who choose to stay there. For this reason hotel owners will utilise rugs. The ideal site to order them from is TrendCarpet. Their catalogue contains a plethora of high quality items that will completely transform a hotel floor.

Rugs In Vibrant Colours

Some of these businesses can be improved by livening up the rooms with bright hues. For example a pink rug from TrendCarpet could be used as a centrepiece. When a hotel interior design seems more engaging it can increase customer interest. The right colour of rug will depend on several factors. For example if it is a a themed hotel then the tones need to fit in with the rest of the design elements. If owners research the psychological effects of different colours it will help them to narrow down their search.

Classic Patterns

Other establishments are better suited for rugs in elegant patterns. The designs of these hotels may be more subdued with an emphasis on style. These places could utilise Art Deco floor d├ęcor in a variety of ways. If the main aim is to mimic an even older style then the rugs could be inspired by the Baroque movement. Sometimes the patterns on the rug are the same as those found on other elements within the room. Other times the interior is plain so that the floor decorations are more emphasised.

Making A Space Seem Fuller

Rugs can significantly alter a hotel space for the better. For example, if rooms seem overly spacious then a floor covering will help to fill it out. This will also connect separate pieces of furniture together. When hotel rooms seem fuller it usually conveys a more welcoming atmosphere to guests. It is a good idea to measure the room dimensions before ordering a new TrendCarpet rug.

Creating A Cosy Atmosphere

In the colder months of the year customers are more likely to choose hotels that feel cosy. For this reason the owner could pick a sheepskin rug. These items are ideal for rooms that contain fireplaces. TrendCarpet offers these kinds of floor coverings from Sweden, Iceland and Scotland.