Month: November 2022

Getting High Ratings for Pubs and Hotels

The internet has changed consumer habits in the hospitality industry. Now, many people will check ratings and reviews of an establishment before they visit. This means that if you manage pubs and hotels, you should work hard to ensure that you get high ratings. Some of the tips to help with that are:

Hire Professionals in the Field

Strive to work with professionals who have been trained in customer care when you are hiring for your hotel and pub. Most of the low ratings given to hotels and pubs always come from poor customer service. It helps if you keep training and reminding your employees about the importance of good customer service.

Invest in Amenities

If you look at most of the highly rated hotels and pubs in the world, you will realise that most of them have unique amenities on top of the basics like the internet, good dining and toiletries. Add something extra, such as souvenirs and branded items that will make customers feel special and compelled to leave high ratings and good reviews.

Explore Social Media

If you are running any business in the digital age, you cannot ignore the value of social media. If you use the different social media platforms well, you will be able to attract the right attention that will keep your ratings and reviews high. Keep in mind that you should keep the pages active by posting regularly and engaging with the users for you to get the traction you need.

Keep Up With Trends

The trick to getting good ratings for your pub and hotel is keeping up with the industry’s trends. Do your research to find out what people are looking for when they visit pubs and hotels and find ways to incorporate them into your business where possible.