Month: September 2022

Picking The Right Uniforms For Hotel Employees

Hotel managers need to make a wide range of decisions every day. Their main aim is to attract as many guests as possible. There are plenty of ways to achieve this goal. Hotels that have a distinctive character are more likely to succeed.

Many hospitality businesses are still recovering from the global Covid pandemic. Some have attained financial support but still continue to struggle. It is fair to say that the industry has become even more competitive. Managers in the modern world have to think outside of the box. This is certainly true when picking the right uniforms for their staff. They may be tempted to play it safe by opting for traditional outfits. However, this will make the hotel appear uninteresting. Instead it is better to order the women’s maxi dresses sold by NA-KD so that employees can exude a sense of style. The website has many different designs available. The best one will depend on the overall brand identity of the hotel.

Uniforms For Holiday Seasons

Peak guest numbers tend to occur during the summer because families have time off work and school. Consequently, the hotel manager will need to supply staff members with outfits appropriate for this season. Dresses are ideal because they offer a good level of ventilation. They can also stop the employee from overheating whilst they perform their duties. Women’s maxi dresses tend to be made from a light free flowing material. They are ideal for people who work in accommodation establishments on hot days.

Creating a Classy Party Atmosphere

The main issue with traditional hotel uniforms is that they can appear too bland. Many hotels utilise employee clothing in order to express the character of the establishment. Women’s maxi dresses will be appealing to ones that want to appear classy without being too formal. Hotels also often have their own pubs. These areas can be given a party atmosphere if the bartenders wear the right type of dress.

Practical Considerations

Whilst the look of the clothing is important the hotel manager should also think about its practicality. Employees need a good amount of mobility in order to work effectively. It is unwise to pick dresses that are too tight around the legs and hips. Otherwise the staff may struggle to move around. Luckily, NA-KD offers many options that are both stylish and practical.

Ordering Dresses in Bulk

If hotels offer seasonal work contracts then they will likely have a high staff turnover. They will therefore require plenty of spare uniforms. It is often more cost effective order plenty of them in bulk. Doing so will ensure that there are always fresh dresses available for new workers.