Month: February 2022

Hotels and Tobacco Products

It was pretty common to see people enjoying tobacco products within hotel environments in the past. However, this has since changed for several reasons. One of the most relevant is the realisation that it is hazardous for a person’s health. As a result, within the UK, a smoking ban has been put in place for most public areas. If someone wants to smoke in a hotel establishment, this has to be done in a designated ventilated zone.

Despite the current crackdowns, there are still some hotel workers and guests who enjoy these kinds of products. Smoking may be on the decline, but chewing nicotine within hotels remains popular. A good example is Swedish snus, a variant of standard dry snuff. If Britons want to buy snus online, they can find alternatives on the Northerner website.

The Historical Link

When tobacco was first introduced to Europeans, it gave rise to a highly lucrative industry. When the history of such products is analysed, it makes sense that modern society still sees a need for them. Numerous cultures have seen chewing nicotine as a regular activity. The move towards restricting it is a relatively recent phenomenon. As a result, hotel managers will likely come into contact with both employees and guests who enjoy this activity.

The Importance of New Flavours

The concept of adding flavour to standard tobacco is nothing new. Menthol cigarettes have been enjoyed by people since the 1920s. When hotel employees want to buy snus online, they could opt for flavoured alternatives on the Northerner website. Mint is a trendy addition to these types of products. Fruity ones are also enjoyed by a large number of tobacco enthusiasts, including people who work within hotel environments. In recent years there has been a shift towards more innovative flavouring thanks to the changing tastes of consumers. Therefore if someone walks through a hotel where tobacco is legal, they will likely see a great variety of nicotine products.

The Legality of Snus

When public smoking was first banned in the UK, there was much speculation over how it would affect the tobacco industry. Eventually, people turned to vaping as an alternative option. However, despite initially being less restrictive, it still raised health concerns. In modern times even vaping is more or less banned in hotels. As a result, the once old fashioned concept of chewing tobacco has become popular again. However, Britons hoping to buy snus online will be disappointed. It is currently illegal to do so.

The Future of Tobacco

Regardless of its size, there will likely still be a tobacco market in the coming years. The main question is what form it will take. Chewing appears to be the most viable option currently. The Northerner website gives customers a plethora of options. However, they must first check whether these products are permitted in public spaces, including hotels.


Another issue is the rising cost of tobacco. Cigarettes have recently been taxed in order to discourage their use. This may mean that fewer people smoke because they simply cannot afford to do so. Tobacco enthusiasts have turned to cheaper pouches and snuff powders because of these recent developments.