Year: 2020

Choosing A Kid Friendly Hotel

Many families like to travel for various reasons. When they do they often need to find accommodation to stay over at. For families, they want to focus on Hotels that are classed as kid-friendly. Even if the stopover is only for a night a child-friendly atmosphere is going to be important.

The Location

Depending on the time and day and how long the stopover is going to be for the location may be important. It may be necessary to be close to the major attractions if the stay is going to be for a few days. This way activities can be planned for the family so they are not isolated to the Hotel premises for the entire stay.

Room Size

Most families require a larger room. A child-friendly Hotel will usually reserve their larger rooms for families with children. This allows for enough space to add extra portable beds if necessary. It also gives the kids more space to utilize.

Sound Proofing

It can be near impossible to keep the children quiet when in close quarters. Parents often worry about the children disturbing the other patrons. Kid-friendly hotels will sometimes have designated sections for families that have extra soundproofing for this very reason. Another reason for good soundproofing is so the younger children will not be disturbed by other guests that may be checking in late.

Kid Style Amenities

If the children are going to be staying at the Hotel for a few days there may not be opportunities to take them out every day. A hotel that has activities geared towards the kids can be a real problem solver for this. It can be something as simple as an indoor pool, or a games room. These types of activities can keep the kids busy for hours on end.

Those looking for kid-friendly Hotels will find the internet to be a useful resource for this.

Hotel Industry Success Insider Tips

The hotel industry is quite competitive. To thrive and remain relevant and ahead of the pack, hotel owners have no choice but to keep rethinking their strategies and reinventing their businesses. The good news is that even slight changes in the way you offer services go a long way in helping you aim for success.

Here are great tips to help you ace your hospitality game.

Innovation should be your mantra: Always remember that the modern hospitality industry thrives on innovation and reinvention. Offering accommodation and room service is not enough. Strive to give your customers an experience whenever they spend time at the hotel. For young guests, especially, they might be looking for something more than just passing the time in their room. Make their dining experience memorable, and this could be in how the food is served or even the choice of mugs, cutlery, and plates.

Pay attention to reviews: This has to be one of the best ways to know whether you are doing a good job or not. Checkout feedback forms are useful but don’t rely on them only. Check out what customers are saying about your business online, either on social media or on other online feedback forums on the hospitality industry. While at it, make sure you look at what is being said about your competitors and use the information to improve, especially in the areas they are falling short.

Create great leads: Get out of your comfort zone and seek out to partner with people who are crucial for your business such as planners. Endeavour to meet the planners where they congregate and make your business discoverable. Create great content with your target customer in mind about your business and use forums such as social media platforms to market your hotel. Ensure the blog section on your website is continuously updated with great and attractive content.

Make your guests feel safe: Ensure the smoke detectors and sprinklers are in a working condition always. Assess any security threats and take proper precautionary measures. Hygiene is one of the things that customers value; make it your first priority and respond to customer concerns positively whenever they are raised.

Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was born on the 15th of January, 1929, and was an American Baptist minister who went on to become an activist and was the most visible spokesperson for the civil rights movement from 1954 until his death in 1968. King was particularly known for his nonviolent approach to civil disobedience, formed by both his Christian beliefs as well as being inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.

King was infamous in America during the later stages of his life, even receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, for combating racial inequality using nonviolent means of resistance.

King visited Memphis, Tennessee in March, 1968, to support the black sanitary public works employees who were on strike at that time in pursuit of higher wages and better treatment. In one particular incident, the black employees were only paid for two hours of work when they had to return home due to bad weather, whereas white employees were paid a full day’s pay.

On the 4th of April, 1968, King was leaving his hotel room at the Lorraine motel in Memphis, Abernathy, when he was fatally wounded by James Earl Ray, who shot King in his right cheek, with the bullet travelling through his jaw and becoming lodged in his shoulder. King was rushed to hospital but ultimately succumbed to his wounds, ending the life that many have called the greatest leader in any civil rights movement in history.

King leaves behind a long legacy, and is still regarded today to be one of the best leaders that has ever been able to inspire people to achieve their ends through nonviolent means. Although he was on occasion considered to be controversial, his legacy lives on as a man that ultimately worked towards achieving racial equality in America and across the world.