Day: March 13, 2021

Avoiding Puffy Eyes During and After a Pub Crawl

From time to time, the need to step out and go for a good time at a pub or hotel catches up with most people. It is a healthy habit, especially when done with moderation. Going out helps people to relax and re-set after a laborious day, week or month. However, the effects that sometimes result from a night of drinking are not as pleasant.

Puffy eyes, for instance, are often associated with regular drinking or a partying night that deprives one of sleep. However, you do not have to let these effects prevent you from having a good time. Thanks to the increasingly popular Verso super eye serum you can keep any signs of fatigue and ageing at bay as you enjoy a weekend tipple. The super friendly serum works by strengthening the skin around the eyes to keep you looking fresh as you party.

Why Verso Serum?

Although the effects of staying up late while on a pub crawl may not be visible after one day, they eventually begin showing. For many party lovers, puffy eyes are one of the earliest signs. Verso serum works to prevent eye bags without any harmful side effects.

It is a serum that is made using friendly ingredients; more of skin ‘food’ rather than a medicine. Its main component is retinol 8, an enhanced Vitamin-A complex. This component works by triggering the skin to produce collagen, a natural firming agent. It also has peptides that make it gentle to the skin as it sparks energy, rejuvenation, nourishment and brightening.

Verso serum is a handy protection cream given its small size and ease of use. The 30 ml container is easy to carry around, although you do not even need to go with it. By applying a few droplets on your fingers, then using them to gently pat the skin area surrounding the eyes, you are good to go. This can be done in the morning, then again in the evening before hitting the pub. If you love taking pictures while at the party or hotel, you will love how nice Verso serum will make you look and stand out in those shots.