Pubs and Hotels

Pubs and Hotels

A pub, also termed as a public house or short for a public bar, is a licensed establishment which is legalised to sell alcohol, good food and provides a social atmosphere for a gathering of friends, business colleagues and other acquaintances. Historically, pubs and hotels date back to the arrival of the Roman Empire, when travellers and merchants stopped by at these alehouses and inns to usually obtain accommodation, food and drink. Here is an interesting fact; originally, British pub signboards were made to look vibrant and distinct to draw in illiterate drinkers. Almost 4000 bar-goers in Australia once rioted because a pub was closed. A bar in Northern Canada serves whisky with a frostbitten toe inside the glass. Some Irish bars provide “snugs” for their customers, which is a small room where they could drink in private, adding more meaning to the term “as snug as a bug”.

Hotels were initially introduced as establishments which provided lodgings for travellers either for business or pleasure. The oldest hotel in the world was set up in Japan and dates back as early as AD 717, run by forty-six generations of owners. Hotels have now become more popularly known for short-term accommodation, amenities and on-site restaurants, offering both economical and luxurious services.

Pet-Friendly Pubs and Swanky Hotels

There are often pet-friendly pubs and hotels you can visit. Or why not visit some of the swankiest hotels in Switzerland. Once you decide to go on a vacation to visit one of these pubs or hotels, make sure to have a comfortable shoe so you do not get blisters.

Finding the perfect hotel for your vacation can be quite a challenging task, but thanks to the invention of the internet, that well-deserved holiday is just a click away. Several websites help you compare hotel rates, offer discounts and exclusive deals, including tour packages for tourists, as well as suggestions on a variety of restaurants and pubs. Most of these hotels are commonly classified by their quality and service provided. Most of the leading luxury hotels believe in rendering top-notch hospitality services, paying attention to every minor detail from the carpet and curtains to providing personal hotel staff for each of their VIP guests. On an international scale, most countries have luxury hotels, budget hotels, motels, bed & breakfast inns, extended-stay lodges, boutique hotels, micro stay, capsule hotels, and much more. Many ‘speciality hotels’ include unique designs and features such as beach resorts, Bunker hotels, cave hotels, transit or airport hotels, underwater hotels, treehouse hotels, overwater bungalows, and so on. If you are perhaps wondering where to find the world’s largest hotel in terms of capacity, it is unsurprisingly located in Las Vegas.

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