How to Update a Pub or Hotel

How to Update a Pub or Hotel

From a business point of view, the primary purpose of a pub or hotel is to get as many customers through the door as possible. If that isn’t happening with your establishment, you need to take a critical look as to the reason why. Perhaps visit your rivals and see if they are offering something different. One thing that might immediately strike you is how other pubs and hotels look fresh and inviting. It might be time to update your tired old decor.

Updating with Posters

So, having decided that a refurbishment is in order, you may be worried about the budget. Rather than overhaul the entire establishment, you can update your look with affordable posters from, a renowned wall art website. They have literally thousands of posters and prints to choose from, so you will easily find something that matches the style of your pub or hotel. Their easy to follow list of categories is the best starting place.

Select a Theme

Rather than having a wide variety of posters on different subjects, it would be better to have one theme in mind and create a coordinated look. The categories on Dear Sam include animals, art deco, botanical, fashion, icons and many more. For example, if your pub is called the Red Lion or the White Hart, you may wish to have an animal theme. This will intrigue your customers, who might want to follow your virtual zoo!

Once you have chosen your theme, you don’t have to stick to it year-round. Because the posters at Dear Sam are so affordable, you can buy a variety of different subjects and continually update your look. This could even be a promotional feature, and you could mention it on your social media platforms to encourage new customers to take a look. Updating your pub or hotel will definitely be a worthwhile investment.

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