Year: 2023

Why the World’s Most Famous Pubs Prefer Wallpaper Decor

While it’s not necessarily true that most famous pubs in the world choose wallpaper decor, some do opt for wallpaper as part of their interior design for various reasons.

Heritage and Tradition

Many pubs, especially those in historic buildings or locations, aim to maintain a sense of tradition and heritage. Traditional-style wallpapers can help establish a connection to the past, enhancing the pub’s unique charm and historical appeal.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wallpaper comes in a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures, as you can see at Wallpassion, one of the largest sellers. Pubs may choose a wallpaper that complements their branding, enhances the visual appeal of the space, or even tells a story through its design.

Ease of Maintenance

Commercial spaces such as pubs can experience a lot of foot traffic and wear and tear. Wallpapers, such as those available at Wallpassion, are durable and resistant to damage, making it a practical choice for top pubs and other places where regular maintenance is crucial.


Wallpaper offers a versatile way to experiment with different design themes without committing to permanent changes. Pubs can easily switch out wallpaper to refresh their interior decor, keeping the space interesting for regular customers.

Becoming a Famous Pub With Wall Art

In the UK there are close to 50,000 pubs for the general public to enjoy. With so much choice it can be difficult for pub owners to stand out from their competitors. There are numerous ways for these businesses to branch out and achieve fame. Some offer takeaway drinks to their customers. Others make patrons feel like VIPs by giving them exclusive access. However, a more efficient way to become famous is through the use of wall art.


The pub owner could make the interior look completely unique. This can be achieved by visiting the wall art website Desenio. There are many different colourful and classy designs available. It is even possible to upload a bespoke image and turn it into a print. The possibilities are endless if the pub manager chooses Desenio. They are sure to find a product that fits in with the unique branding of their drinking establishment. It is also worth noting that the prices are very affordable.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Most customers will make up their mind about a pub as soon as they enter it. First impressions are essential. This is why it is important to invest in great looking interior design. Prints that evoke a welcoming atmosphere will attract more people.

Enjoying Snus in Famous Pubs

Throughout the UK there are plenty of high profile pubs. Some of them are centuries old. Others are fairly new but have already attained popularity. In the past people were able to smoke freely within these establishments. When the British public smoking ban came into effect that changed.

However, there are other discrete ways to enjoy nicotine. The patron might decide to do so in pouch form. Before doing so it is important to check the rules of the pub to ensure that nicotine pouches are permitted. Each famous drinking establishment will have its own regulations for customers to follow.

Finding a Product

The nicotine industry has recognised the recent shift to pouches. Therefore there are several options to choose from. The pub patron could visit a Snus UK website such as Haypp if they want the best possible product. This company provides pouches in a range of flavours. These include fruit, mint, coffee and liquorice. Customers can try out different brands via the Haypp website. Fans of VELO, LOOP, Nordic Spirit, White Fox, Skruf, ZoneX or ZYN cans will be able to find something that appeals to their tastes.

Enjoying With Friends

Once the person has found a famous pub that allows nicotine pouches they can try out different flavours with friends within the establishment. Doing so will help to increase their social bonds. It may also help each of them to discover their favourite type of pouch. It is a great way to spend a night out.